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Animu Wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Avatar: Red Green Flashing

Level 12 Troll


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Part 1: Vampire’s named after famous musicians

Part 2: People who lived in pillars who eat the vampires

Part 3:

Part 4-6: too lazy to give a description

Part 7: An Italian Executioner and a paraplegic American race across the United States in 1890 to find the remaining body parts of Jesus as they fight off dinosaurs riding on dinosaurs that turn people into dinosaur lamps and the ****ing President of the United States(Maybe best part yet)

If you are gonna read anything in the whole continuity of Japanese comics, read this. It’s the essence of awesome.

I swear to god if I get a bunch of Za Warudo pics…

Colonel Bear

Avatar: 68748 Mon May 18 15:38:07 -0400 2009

[Very Busy Klan]

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

It’s a pretty fun game, in my opinion. Dio brando is also fun in MUGEN.


Avatar: Red Green Flashing

Level 12 Troll


I’m talking about the comic but yeah, the game is pretty good too.

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