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News How much time left.


Avatar: Rocker Chick


Level 28 Camwhore

“Playmate of the Month”

I want the “Time left” Thingy :V

“You have %Hours %Minutes and %Seconds% Till your forum visits will reset.”

Not like when you have 0 forum visits and don’t know how many hours you have to wait.


Log in to see images! Srsly.

OH **** YOU I’LL SHOOT YOUR BABIES Log in to see images! FlamingNeko edited this message on 02/19/2008 6:35AM


Avatar: Dash's Avatar

Level 7 Troll

The Mother-****ing GMan.

I’m pretty sure it’s like.. 20 minutes until the reset? If you can’t wait that long just buy some more visits.


Avatar: Rocker Chick


Level 28 Camwhore

“Playmate of the Month”

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OH MAI GOD IT’S A SUGGESTION Log in to see images!


Avatar: Bigguyinblack's Avatar

[Mock TSB]

Level 10 Troll

i'm so lonely... i have no friends... plz help...

I believe it resets at 12:00 GMT every day and the creators of the game figure if your old enough to be playing this game your old enough to tell time.

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