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FAQ 2 Questions...


Avatar: Blood Cells

Level 10 Emo Kid

“Gloomy Gus”

I’ve finished the storyline, and had a few questions…

First, what is the best forum to pwn in order to make more money the next day in loot. Is it based off of cred, and does that mean I should pwn the final thread of the game (name left out on purpose to prevent spoilers) with all of my forum visits for the day?

Secondly, does anyone have a list, or link to a list, of all of the upgrades and their costs? I’m trying to optimize my build (I’m an Emo Kid).

Thanks in advance…

Edit: Just saw that alot of the Emo abilities are different, so a list of the effects of the skills would be nice too…

Aodhan edited this message on 11/29/2007 7:21PM


Avatar: Cubear's Avatar


Level 10 Camwhore

Tubmail me a picture of your male reproductive organ, and I'll send you several pics of my naked body from every angle.

Any answers you’re going to get for this are probably the wrong answers.

Emo kids used to be able to turn a profit by pwning the final forum over and over. I don’t think this is the case anymore (the rebalance patch took them down a couple pegs)

Right now everybody is just looking for their best place.

I can’t answer anything specifically about the emo kid tree, so I won’t.


Avatar: Emo Girl 3

Level 10 Emo Kid

“Gloomy Gus”

I’ve been able to do the nuke forums with pretty much the same performance due to the defense boost and many more misses, but I need to use tear items in addition to the 3-4 XRXRs it used to take.

Potato Pie

Avatar: Halloween Pumpkin


Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

The other two clbumes are now capable of doing the final forum as well as emo kids and make a profit. The RP forums feels much safer though, and doesn’t cost any of my 3 clbumes a single item.

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