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On the Internet, you can be whoever you want! Basic role-playing ITF.

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Hell chatroulette: i accidentally goatsed a child and my gf went ****ing crazy at me Latest Post Tesfan 4 295 Indiana Jonas
Hell haha who banned tubs Latest Post Tesfan 2 176 kittiejenn
Hell Encyclopedia Dramatica turns 5 today Latest Post Johnny Mac 3 164 Zagreus
Hell morrigan wntas you the pc if male or alister/logain to **** her so she could have a demon babby she then leaves 4ever whens the game end or u say no & she leavse Latest Post 1337xxxxxxxxxlol... 11 223 Cheins Sanchez
Hell oh ya, that riodan dude dies b4 the final battel by jumpin on the dragon and stabbin it and fallin off like a scrub, tahts about it i think Latest Post 1337xxxxxxxxxlol... 1 59 1337xxxxxxxxxlol...
Hell but at eh end if you got laogain, and who teh **** wouldent, he insists upon making THE ULTIMEAT SACRIFICE inyour stead, see u parenoid schizophernic cowboy... Latest Post 1337xxxxxxxxxlol... 1 53 1337xxxxxxxxxlol...
Hell than u find otu someones gotta take the dragin spirit in them and theyll (you) die or alstair/logan or reordan Latest Post 1337xxxxxxxxxlol... 1 54 1337xxxxxxxxxlol...
Hell if u let logain live alister will leave forever or hell die Latest Post 1337xxxxxxxxxlol... 1 179 1337xxxxxxxxxlol...
Hell i got a boner when i heard about the fort hood shootings Latest Post Tesfan 7 211 Melanin-Enhanced...
Hell The Goddamn Batman Latest Post Johnny Mac 7 243 Afterthotz
Hell jb stop tming me. its gettin a lil creepy ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post 1337xxxxxxxxxlol... 55 1254 Adapt
Hell Where would you like to see Dora explore? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Sarcasm Inc 33 806 Celerysteve
Hell SPOOKY HALLOWEEN TO YOU ALL Latest Post Robok 1 119 Robok
Hell left4dead 2 demo Latest Post Tesfan 15 191 Melanin-Enhanced...
Hell forumwarz.jpg Latest Post Tesfan 2 118 swine
Hell SPOILER ALERT! Latest Post MercWithMouth 3 154 heirloom
Hell I HAVE ALL 50 PERFECTSIN RHYTHM HEAVEN!!!!!!11 Latest Post Inspector Chelme... 3 139 Muhammad I m har...
Hell et corngrats on ur ipheon anal mucus leaked from ur hemerroidal bumhole Latest Post 1337xxxxxxxxxlol... 8 187 AIDS CUNT
Hell russian roulette thread guise Latest Post TUBSWEETIE 2 83 Celerysteve
Hell I DID IT!!! Latest Post Dysnomia 8 260 urgey
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