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The official Hacker role-playing forum. You can brag about how many digits of pi you know!

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News This probably should be an apology. Latest Post twas 3 686 Guy Snortococci
News You are already dead Latest Post That Reaction Fa... 10 803 That Reaction Fa...
News A Guy and a Emoticonwalk into a bar Latest Post aSh-gangSTA-685 1 398 aSh-gangSTA-685
News I despise bad posters because fabulous personFACE is still banned (UNBAN fabulous personFACE) Latest Post SanDyk 1 412 SanDyk
News hEX. Latest Post xxEmoxKidxx 14 558 Anthony J Crowle...
News Hackers hacked into Evil Trout's computer Latest Post quangntenemy 15 811 AIDS CUNT
News Next Upgrade: Latest Post Sarcasm Inc 3 346 Sarcasm Inc
News EPIC DISCOVERY! FBO is a PARODY! OF THIS! (See thread) ( 1 2 ) Latest Post male reproductive organatrice 26 1033 Bandaney
News A True Hacker Can Make Latest Post Fortunato 4 382 Fortunato
News PROTIP for hackers: How to tell when ET's on vacation ( 1 2 ) Latest Post MC Banhammer 22 741 Amy Rose
News The best script on Forumwarz Latest Post Samildanach 16 659 Samildanach
News FreeBSD is dead Latest Post BEAT_WOMEN 3 422 Physics
News Adobe's ADEPT DRM reverse-engineered by I <3 Cabbages Latest Post Physics 3 325 Physics
News AvaxHome: And to stop speculations we must also say what this troubles do not bumociated with illegal, warez or something similar words Latest Post Physics 2 470 Physics
News LOLCODE, cause C++ is for pussies Latest Post Gabriel West 8 696 Johnny Mac
News ITT: Good use for a Dell Latest Post Theo de Raadt 2 346 heirloom
News thread about a famous scientist and sci-fi writer that advocated pedophilia Latest Post Physics 1 407 Physics
News IRC is for suckers Latest Post P4RTYV4N 9 571 TUBSWEETIE
News Newsflash, retards ( 1 2 ) Latest Post FalconFour 21 1114 Physics
News Now for some blitting from the back buffer. Latest Post FalconFour 7 563 FalconFour
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